~ Digital Models and Sculpture ~


Digital models and images created using one or more of the following software packages:

FreeForm Modeling Plus ®,

ZBrush ®, UVLayout ®, Polytrans ®, and Photoshop ®

Techniques used in my studio: Mesh creation, Draft correction/testing, Shelling, UVLayout - UV Unwrapping, Creating articulations, Minimum wall thickness, Range of motion checking, Part sectioning/Appending for assembly, Multiple file format conversions for Output, Accurate part scaling, Scan data augmentation, Re-engineering, and Reverse engineering.

Digital Output: Turntable QuickTime ® movie, 72-view user manipulated QuickTime ® movie, Renderings, Multi view turn-arounds, Files: stl, obj, iges (solids!), ztl, Bitmap, jpeg, pdf, and psd.

Digital files delivered via ftp or disc: many file formats of final digital model available. Please email your specific needs from the contact page.

Methods of Physical Output: 4 axis milling in Wax, Objet ® 3D Printing, SLA 3D Printing, Molding and resin casting.


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